Corporate Responsibility


General Introduction / Information for suppliers

As one of the European Leader in publishing Children’s Magazines, we believe that how we achieve success is just as important as the success itself.

That’s why we regard the thoughtful management of health and safety of our employees, customers and neighbours as among our highest priorities and as key elements of our responsibility to be a sustainable company of today and tomorrow.

Product safety is a top priority for Egmont. Egmont stands behind every product it makes and takes product safety serious. Our product safety and quality assurance systems are based on a comprehensive and stringent review process at every stage of product development. Products bearing any one of our brands are reviewed from the design stage to the point where they are ready for shipment to the store shelves. Whoever wants to manufacturer toys for us, needs to comply with our PROOF Handbook which describes the essential safety procedures  for all Egmont orders. It will be handed out in advance and be the Basic Principle for Safety and Quality.

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