Charitable activities

The Egmont Foundation works actively and continuously to adapt its charitable activities to the needs uncovered by changing circumstances in society, which call for an extra measure of support. Therefore, just like those initiatives Egmont instigates on its own, the projects that receive support are characterised by a high degree of innovation. Openness and foresight are important prerequisites for being able to develop and carry out effective new models and methods, which can serve as examples to follow and thus benefit many more people.

Egmont’s charitable activities are concentrated on initiatives that can help provide lasting improvements for children and young people.

During the past 90 years, EUR 330 million have been given in support of needy and vulnerable children and families.

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The Nordisk Film Foundation
The Nordisk Film Foundation, a part of the Egmont Foundation, distributes approximately EUR 0.5 million each year. The money is earmarked to purposes that will, artistically and technically, promote and preserve Danish film and TV. The Nordisk Film Foundation is the largest private fund with the aim of supporting the Danish media industry. Read more on Nordisk Film’s website.

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