Social Compliance Program

Egmont Social Compliance Progamme

The Egmont Social Compliance Programme is based upon the Egmont Code of Conduct.

The Egmont Code of Conduct sets standards within 3 main areas

Part of the programme is to ensure that not only do the Egmont companies comply with the Code of Conduct, but we do also expect the same ethical standards to be shared by our suppliers.

Preferred Egmont Supplier

The Egmont ambition is for our suppliers to comply fully with the Egmont Code of Conduct. However, as it stands today some of our suppliers fail to comply with the Code without striving to develop better conditions for their employees and the environment.

To evaluate whether a supplier has the potential of becoming part of the Egmont Preferred Supplier Pool we do therefore arrange for social audits. Such social audits are conducted in close cooperation with Egmont’s internal quality team based in Hong Kong as well as with 3rd party auditors.


Audits are based upon the Egmont Code of Conduct - a social audit takes about 1 - 2 days to perform based upon the size of the factory. Whether it is Egmont’s own auditors or auditors from 3rd party, they do all have an in-depth knowledge of the local language, and the local laws and legislations.

Based upon potential findings the aim is to develop a Corrective Action Plan, which is agreed to by both Egmont and the supplier, in order to ensure that remediation is happening and compliance with the Code of Conduct is reached within a certain time frame. Very often the initial audit will be succeeded by follow up audits to document progress.

Licensor Requirements - coordinated audits

More of Egmont’s licensors have their own Code of Conduct, and Egmont does acknowledge that audits call for resources for all parties involved. We therefore work closely with all of our key licensors (e.g. Disney, Mattel, BBC) within the social compliance field. This approach allows us to share experiences, make the audit planning more effective and coordinate between parties - all with the aim of ensuring compliance with the respective codes, while at the same time limiting the use of resources.

The Egmont Social Compliance Programme is a corporate function, but we work closely with Egmont Sourcing HK Ltd and hope for your co-operation in this important matter, should you wish to become a Preferred Egmont Supplier.

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