Product Safety

Product Safety

Egmont is committed to protect the safety of the communities in which we operate. We have developed Safety Standards intended to support responsible management of the safety of our customers and neighbours. Egmont is also committed to implementing policies and procedures that help to ensure our operations are conducted in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards. As part of this commitment, Egmont will:

As a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of children’s magazines, it is our responsibility and commitment that Egmont employees will perform their jobs in compliance with Egmont’s Safety Policy and Standards, as well as with all applicable laws and regulations. Product safety is a top priority for Egmont. Egmont stands behind every product it makes and takes product safety very seriously. Our product safety and quality assurance systems are based on a comprehensive and stringent review process at every stage of product development. Products bearing any one of our brands are reviewed from the design stage to the point where they are ready for shipment to the store shelves.

All Egmont products are produced in factories that have been qualified. We require that our products meet not only our own stringent internal standards but also all applicable national and international standards. All Egmont products are reviewed by either Egmont Quality Assurance Engineers or by engineers from independent, accredited and global recognized test institutes in the development stage.

Safety and reliability specifications are issued and a Product Safety Review for each product is required. The Product Safety Review specifies all design and manufacturing criteria that the product must meet. These criteria meet and in many instances exceed federal and voluntary requirements. These specifications also include labeling and any warnings required on the packaging, the product, or the instructions.

Consumers with concerns regarding the quality or safety of any of our Egmont products may contact us through information provided on our product packaging.

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